A background on me.

sharp edge


My name is Michael. I was born in 1996 and I started to CAD in 2007.

I am completely self taught on Google Sketchup and started to develop a set in stone method in 2009. Before then I did a model every other month. 2009 is when I began the serious CAD and started to ramp up my CAD output.

This blog is dedicated to CAD, but thats not saying I wont go off on a tangent!

My first model was simple. Im not entirely proud of it but it was a start 

Seven years since then and im at this stage:

They are both incomplete, but thats normal. I find there is always more you can add. Every time you open the file you notice a panle line to add or the fin is too tall…

Anyways those two images represent the 100+ models I have created.

Watch this space!