Crashes and Corruption

*sighs heavily*


So I did some animating. Then I think I freaked my laptop out. Opps.


So long story short I have lost 8Gb of data, that was 5 files. No big deal just got to do the animating all over again….


Animation is delayed!


8 Wheeled monstrosity- Almost done!

Getting close!

Suspension is complete.
Steering for front four wheels is done.
Gear box to switch between 4 wheeled and 8 wheeled drive is done.
Miscellaneous mounting plates are almost done.
Battery, RX, ESC, UBEC, Servos are in their places. Need to be fixed to frame.

And the body work…..

Na I suck at wishy washy aesthetics for car  giant land crawling machines of awesome  anything other than aircraft.

But hey at least I made it bright!


Tomorrow I might finish of the last few details and animate it. Thats if my brain doesnt implode from the constant thinking. I mean this: took me 30 minutes. Thats 25 minutes thinking and sketching and 5 minutes modelling. Had to take a sanity brake after that bugger.

In case you are wondering what it does. It is part of the transmission box. The bit on the left is a gear (minus teeth for now) that does not bind with the shaft passing through it. The bit on the right does bind with the shaft but can also move left and right. When switching to 8 wheel drive: the bit on the right is forced to the left so its teeth engage with the teeth on the left lump. This means the whole lot spins and transmission is carried through to the front four wheels.

That was a awful explanation, im sorry. I will make a gif of it or just full on animate it some time.


Any way, until next time.