Avenger details:

Crew: 1 pilot
Wingspan: 11m
Length: 11.5m
Height: 3.4m

Wingspan (wings folded): 5m
Height (wings folded): 3.6m

Engine: Rolls Royce Avon MK 100
Armament: 4 x Vickers S, 40mm Cannon
4 x Hispano, 20mm cannon
Pylons: 2 under wing max load: 600lb
2 under fuselage max load: 1000lb

Designed as a early post war ground attack aircraft, cable of take off from carriers or less than smooth runways.
The Avenger was designed with poorly made dusty runways in mind. The intakes are located just behind the leading edge of the wing, this provides plenty of airflow to the engine but also reduces the likelihood of FOD ingestion. The Avenger also has large flaps and airbrakes to reduce the stalling speed as much as possible and reduce the ground run.
I mentioned that the Avenger was able to fly off a carrier. For this role the wings are able to fold and an arrestor hook is located at the rear of the fuselage. The undercarriage is also quite stocky and wide to soak up the high landing forces.
The armament of this aircraft is cannon heavy. Sporting 8 cannon, all of 1940’s origin, this aircraft in my mind was a sort of replacement for the Hawker Typhoon. As well as the large cannon armament the Avenger has the capability to carry up to 3200lb’s of ordnance. I have decided to equip mine with a couple of rocket pods and two 700lb bombs.


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