MK-1 Engine

MK-1 engine:

Combustion chamber diameter: 5mm
Combustion chamber length: 25mm
Nozzle fitted: No
Fuel: Butane- from lighter
Oxidiser: Air- from my lungs
Material- Aluminium
Progress: Complete and retired

The MK-1 engine was build purely to see how well I could get fuel and oxidizer to mix and burn. It was constructed from scraps I found lying around and used cheap £1 lighters as its fuel source. To save money and time I did not construct an air tank to feed the oxidiser in. Instead I got a bit of tube, put one end in my mouth and the other end in the engine. This worked better than expected but it was very hard to take photos when you have one had operating a lighter and your mouth wrapped around a short tube, with you concentrating on not extinguishing the engine by blowing too hard. Crude, but a start. This engine showed that with a bit more money a liquid rocket engine might be possible…

Heres the engine running:
5mm flame, Its a bit hard to see
I managed to get a 10mm flame with a full lighter. The lighters really were not powerful enough and the engines a bit small and held together with masking tape. Onto the MK-2!

Extra photos:
The set up
The set up
A close up
A close up
Testing an airtank for the MK-2. More on this on the MK-2 page
Testing an airtank for the MK-2. More on this on the MK-2 page


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