MK-2 Engine

MK-2 Engine.

Combustion chamber diameter: 19mm
Combustion chamber length: 45mm
Nozzle fitted: No
Fuel: Kerosene
Oxidiser: Air
Material- Aluminium
Progress: Engine complete- in testing phase

The MK-2 engine was made to be bigger and better than the MK-2. Unlike the MK-1 the MK-2 had money spent on it and a full operating rig was constructed. Initial the MK-2 was run on butane from lighters (like the MK-1) but I soon found lighters did not have much power. The best engine run I had with lighters barely made a flame out the back.
I am yet to run the engine on the Kerosene due to the amount of work switching fuel.

Fuel and oxidizer rig:

Due to this engine being much larger than the previous engine my lungs and off the shelf lighters cannot supply the engine fast enough. I had to construct a “supply rig”, pictured above. Initially this “rig” started off as a single 1.25L coke bottle with a Presta valve one end and a throttle valve the other. I tested this with my MK-1 engine and soon realised that 1.25L of air, at 25 PSI, would not supply an engine for long. (test setup image) So the rig evolved with the addition of another 1.25L coke bottle and a 2L lemonade bottle. Now the oxidizer supply was sorted I turned my attention to the fuel supply. After a fair amount of reading I had a short list of 4 fuels. Petrol, Butane, Kerosene and Diesel. I soon crossed off Butane as it was the hardest to store and use, I then crossed of petrol because I almost lost my eyebrows when the fuel tank combusted (dont burn petrol kids!). I was then left with Kerosene and Diesel.
Now it is my understanding that there is very little difference in these fuels these days. But Diesel used to hard to burn. I have no idea what its like now it is more refined.
For a safe bet I chose to use Kerosene. I am yet to test this fuel in the engine due to teething problems with the supply rig.

When I run the engine, I will let you all know!

To do list:
Fix air Leeks
Fuel doesn’t stop flowing when you tell it too now fixed
Air pressure gauge gets stuck Fixed, just have to tap the bugger
Pipes need forming
Test stand needs making
Find microwave transformer for electronic stater


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